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Welcome to the website of
ROTAL ECO Sp z o.o.

For over 15 years we have been dealing with P3 and P4 level repairs of railway freight cars (replacement of outer skin). We have successfully completed many complicated disassembly projects.

Do you need qualified specialists?

Do you need for your order to be executed efficiently and professionally?

We hold certificates from the Polish Welding Institute of Gliwice. In the past we have completed many installation and welding projects both in Poland and abroad. We have acquired many environmental decisions related to the collection, processing, dismantling and production of waste from the base groups 12 …, 13 …, 15 …, 15 …, 16 …, 17 …, as well as waste from railway car repair other than specified – 160199.

Ostatnie realizacje

Special dismantling services

We provide gas cutting services

We utilise speciality burners fired by compressed oxygen and propane.


Highly qualified personnel ready to execute complex orders

Image 1

Torch operators

Flame cutting, cutting of steel structures

Image 2

Assembly specialists

Assembly of steel structures

Image 3


Welding of steel structures using any method and in any position.