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Cutting, assembly, welding of steel structures

These activities are executed using available welding techniques on all levels, execution of parts and repair of railway cars on the levels P2, P3 and P4.

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Cutting and flame cutting of steel structures and waste metal

We have long-term experience in the disposal of large structures, ships, cranes, technological lines, ground pipelines, railway cars and lines.

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Handling storage facilities

We operate storage facilities in ports dealing with the acceptance, sorting, changing dimensions of scrap metal loads. We have acquired many environmental decisions related to the collection, processing, dismantling and production of waste from the base groups 12 …, 13 …, 15 …, 15 …, 16 …, 17 …, as well as scrap other than specified – 160199..

We are characterised by high standards

We invite domestic and international companies to cooperate with us.

Our certificates

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