Zrealizowane zlecenia

Technologies used



Flame cutting

Also known as oxy-fuel cutting, a very popular method of separation of metals, in particular cutting of low-carbon and low-alloy steel.

Gas cutting is utilised anywhere there exists the need to cut thicker materials made of ordinary steel.





Plasma cutting

The process of cutting of metals using a plasma arc. Plasma cutting is conducted mechanically or manually.

The automated cutting processes apply mainly to cutting using CNC cutters or industrial robots.





Cutting with (non-sparking) saws

The usage of special cutting disks allows quick and non-sparking cutting of metal..

The steel cutting saw has a built-in laser allowing very precise execution of cuts.






Welding entails the joining of materials by heating them and melting at the joint with or without the addition of a joint material.

The metal of the joined parts is called the parent metal. The molten joining material, together with the molten edges of the parts to be joined, or the parent material, creates a seam after cooling.